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Friday, May 11, 2007

Turning Negative To Positive

You know that in most cases the negativity we find in our lives comes from someone else. It’s either learned over time from the people closest to us or it is instilled, intentionally or not, with tools of blame, fault and ridicule. They lead to guilt and humiliation that can gnaw away at your insides and erode your self - confidence, self - esteem and dignity.

But negative feelings only persist when they are given the space to and that’s all down to thought - positive or negative.

Thinking in a positive way is really very simple. Changing your mental outlook is like breaking a bad habit.

If you can show the determination and intention to achieve a more positive pattern of thought then you can change your life.

Keeping a Gratitude Diary is a fantastic tool you can use to turn a negative outlook and attitude into a positive one. Making a commitment to keep it for just 1 month, for 5 minutes each day, will turn your life around, I promise!!

You will be happier, the people around you will be happier.

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  • At 1:12 PM, Blogger J.Chappelear said…

    I really appreciate your perspective.
    Great thought!

    John Chappelear


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